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Client Case Studies

Here are some case studies from some of my life coaching clients.

Case Study One


A senior manager in the healthcare sector was feeling frustrated because she had so much work given to her, and she felt that she couldn’t possibly complete it.  In addition her line manager was capable of bullying behaviour.  The main issue was how the woman responded to managing her workload and why she always took on additional work.


Coaching revealed that triggers for this went back to expectations in early childhood and an inability to say no.  The work we did together focussed on building her self-esteem, how to set boundaries and block bullying.  


The bullying has now come to an end and there is a new job in the pipeline with an external organisation.  There have also been other benefits, such as a growth in confidence which has led to her tackling her weight problem and general image.

Case Study Two


A man in his thirties, who had resigned from a highly successful career in the financial sector, became depressed and felt a failure. Two years later, he is now equally successful in a different career working with people.  His low self-esteem has now gone. He knows the previous career choice was not right for him, so the reasons it not working out was not because he was a failure.

Case Study Three


S came to me having ended a relationship with a man who she had found controlling and who had been undermining her because of her weight problems.


S had low self-esteem and the manifestation was her weight which she felt unable to control.  Over the next 4 months we worked through the issues behind why she chose unsuitable men.  The weight was incidental but in recognising and resolving the underlying problems it became easier for her to deal with the peripheral issues, such as weight and work dissatisfaction.  


S has now changed jobs, and lost all the excess weight.  She has regained confidence in relationships and is back in control of her life.

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